Well well well. Here we are again. 1st day of the month, so as a typical addict, today is a great day to restart. The morning didn’t go to the plans. Didn’t get early enough to go to the gym. But will try to go this evening. I had a healthy breakfast – smoothy with almond milk, Greek yoghurt, red grapefruit, clementine, and banana.

I’m really struggling with this constant tiredness. I could sleep endlessly. Lack of exercise? Lack of vit D?

Anyway, I’ll post the measurements later today, and give you more updates.

UPDATE: Nice walk with the dog, and having my lunch now. Salad with pepper, carrot, cucumber, turkey meat and fat-free dressing. Met up with my friend earlier, and I managed to avoid all the temptations. Proud of myself. I wasn’t even tempted. Let’s see what the evening brings.

UPDATE: Man, I’ve been fancying pancakes this evening. And now that I’m sitting in the lounge, I’m really craving for chocolate. These are the danger times for me. I had a healthy supper – tuscan bean soup, ryvita rye break with turkey slices. I might fill up with a protein shake this evening, and just keep drinking water. Haven’t managed to go to the gym. Finding all the lame excuses. I don’t understand why I have this massive barrier. Yes, one of the staff members has a very big mouth, and keeps telling your stories to others, and others’ stories to you. And I find this so uncomfortable. I can’t trust her. I know this can’t be the reason why not to go.